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Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
Thailand Mini-DebCamp 2010 
22nd-Jan-2010 03:33 pm

Hello, Planet Debian. I'm pleased to have announced about the first Debian event in Thailand: Thailand MiniDebCamp 2010.

This is a follow-up to Taiwan MiniDebConf 2009 in last September in Taipei. At the end of that event, we discussed about having a mini-DebCamp in Thailand during the New Year holidays. However, with many factors, it has been moved to this March. And the date has been settled on 13-19 March. The place will be Khon Kaen University (KKU) in Khon Kaen, a north-eastern province of Thailand (close to Lao, if you look for it in a map).

In this event, we plan to arrange a Bug Squad Party for the Squeeze release, and some meetings between DDs and local people, to encourage more Debian activities in Thailand and nearby countries.

Thailand has started its GNU/Linux development and usage since no later than 1997. Currently, we have projects like Thai Linux Working Group for upstream Thai resource developments; OpenTLE.Org and thaiopensource.org for local distros (Ubuntu-based); and some communities like ubuntuclub, debianclub, and more others for other distros. The user base is slowly growing, while developer base is yet growing more slowly. We have had domestic events occasionally. But certainly, an international one like this would effectively encourage more prospecters, as well as create closer cooperations with the global projects.

We also hope this event to be a meeting point for developers from nearby regions. And internationalization, among other issues, can be discussed and worked out.

So, please be invited to join and discuss. Please make sure to add your name to the Wiki page so we can prepare things for you, including accommodation. And feel free to propose your agenda in BarCamp style. It will be summarized some time before the event date.

We also have a mailing list for updates and discussions.

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